Corporate Information

President’s Message

We will soon celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of “Sanyo Denko Co., Ltd.” in a traditional town, Jujo, in Tokyo. We are proud of our contribution to the development of Japan until today through times from the confusing period after the Second World War to the period of rapid economic growth.
Electric wires and cables are an important element of our social infrastructure and necessary for our country, Japan, which claims a policy to be technology oriented. Although we are a small manufacturer, we strive to manufacture products taking full advantage of the company scale. We always consider the viewpoints of our customers, challenge various requests as much as possible, such as deliveries of small lots and in a short time, design and manufacturing of special cables which can withstand severe environments, development of our original products based on many years of experience, and try to meet our customers’ expectation.
We will continue to make our efforts for product-manufacturing to contribute to enrichment of our society through provision of products and services which satisfy our customers.

Jun Kobayashi

Corporate Information

photo : Toda Plant

Toda Plant

photo : Plant facility (part)

Plant facility (part)

Company NameSANYO DENKO Co.,Ltd.
EstablishedDecember 22, 1948
Paid-in Capital10 million JPY
1-1-8 Jujyo-nakahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0031 Japan
TEL +81-(0)3-3908-5191 / FAX +81-(0)3-3908-5192

Toda Plant
1-49-8 Kizawa, Toda-city, Saitama 335-0013 Japan
TEL +81-(0)48-441-0331 / FAX +81-(0)48-446-2631

- Acquisition of the electric appliance safety law conformity inspection certification { E display}
- Display of the UL certification: E162795
- Acquisition of the certification of flame resistance (-F-)

Corporate Philosophy

To realize an enriched and colorful society,
independently think, act and produce inimitable products and services.

Standards of Conduct

  • Relentlessly make efforts to meet our customers’ expectations and needs.
  • Promptly and bravely face and solve difficult challenges and changes.
  • Flexibly and actively accept new technologies and methods and also create your original technologies and methods.
  • Use common sense and be honest and sincere.
  • Provide employees and their families with stable and full life.
  • Observe laws and act responsibly as a member of society.

Our corporate slogan

Dream your future. We create it.


1946: Satoshi Terazaki founded Sanyo Densen Kogyosho under private management.
1948: Changed the company name to Sanyo Densen Kogyo KK. Became an incorporate organization.
1950: Acquired a manufacturing license for insulation wires based on Article 2 (121) of the electric equipment regulation.
1961: Established a new factory, Toda Plant, in Kizawa, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture.
1967: Relocated the sales department from the main office in accordance with additions and modifications to the Toda Plant.
1970: Newly established Urawa Plant with company housing in Bessho, Urawa City.
1973: Changed the company name to Sanyo Denko Co., Ltd. Increased the capital to 10M yen.
1978: Traffic Safety and Nuisance Research Institute, railway vehicle materials. Passed combustion testing and flame-retardant testing.
1980: Participated in development of cold-resistant arctic cables for the South and North Poles.
1981: Participated in development of deep sea measuring cables, called the Seatopia Plan.
1983: Succeeded in development of high-tension cables for vessels.
1984: Our ultra-high-speed monitoring camera cables were installed in the Space Shuttle “Challenger” in the United States.
1989: Hiroyuki Terazaki assumed the post of President.
1995: Certified by the UL standards and started build-to-order manufacturing of UL cables.
1997: Cooperated for development of hybrid vehicle cables.
2001: Increased the capital to 10.4M yen.
2003: Developed high-tension cables for window-cleaning robots.
Adopted in buildings of the Tokyo International Forum and the Japan Railway’s new Kanazawa Station.
2005: Our high-tension cables were adopted by the East Japan Railway Company to be used for warning devices in trains.
2014: Introduced production / sales / accounting management systems to implement speedy management for manufacturing.
2015: Developed and released a series of light fixture cables, “SAN-Lumina.”

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